Favorite Mantra

Everything happens right on schedule.

Morning Habit

Coffee & some quiet time.

Place to Visit

Anywhere with some sand and a margarita.


fall. Come on, it's vermont, after all.

A Few of My Faves

In high school, we are all pressured to find exactly what we'd like to do for the rest of our lives. Just like many other teens, I had no idea what I wanted to do. However, I knew I had a love for photography. I started by taking photos of friends skiing, cliff jumping, and playing sports. Right out of high school I began working for two newspapers, and second shooting at weddings. There's something incredible about seeing your work published. I was instantly turned on by the thrill of telling stories through images. Not to sound cheesy, but it’s a pretty great feeling when you finally find the one thing you want to do for the rest of your life.

After exploring different avenues in photography, I found my niche in wedding photography. I quickly realized that there is nothing more rewarding than having the responsibility of documenting that incredible day in a couple's life. Documenting that connection between two humans. It’s something I take very seriously. And while I may sound like the most serious person on planet earth, rest assured I’m a pretty laid back dude with a laid back philosophy. You be you. I’ll be me. The best images will come when you can really just let go and be yourself. I know, deep thoughts, right? Well enough jibber-jabbering about me, I want to hear about you. I want to hear your story. 

I'm Sean

Let's Get Personal

My approach to wedding photography is dictated by the belief that the most important thing about your wedding is you. Everything else is secondary, including my photography. My job as your wedding photographer is to artistically document the day as events unfold. To tell the true story of how beautiful and emotional your wedding day was. So, when you receive your photos. You’ll relive things that you remember like it was yesterday, and see parts of your wedding that you didn’t get a chance to experience due to the busy schedule of the day.

My Philosophy


fun facts about me


I love all food, seriously all food. I always get teased for eating way too fast. Now, the one food I actually sit down and enjoy (with a nice margarita) is a taco. Taco Tuesday used to make it into my schedule every week, then I'd go get tacos somewhere else. Can you tell that I love tacos yet?

Tacos are my love language

I live in Vermont, so I have to do Vermont things, right? 

Skiing gets me through the winter

I know... it's cliché. My parents have always taught me to go out and explore the world. That's exactly what I plan on doing. I've never traveled to a place I didn't enjoy. 

traveling makes my soul oh so happy

You deserve the absolute best. That's why I want to make sure I am the right choice for you.
I do not take every wedding I'm approached to shoot because it's truly important that I work with the right couples, and they with me. 

I'd love to hear more about you and your story. Fill out the contact form and I'll be in touch basically as soon as humanly possible.

Where we go from here, my friend -

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